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Motor Club Of America

Motor Club Of America

Motor Club Of America

Motor Club Of America MCA  has the best Roadside Assistance Program in the industry. Have you ever been broken down on the side of the road or run out of gas and had no body to call? With the Motor Club Of America or MCA you no longer have to worry about not having someone to call. You now have the handy MCA phone number you can call and get assistance 24/7.

Motor Club Of America Covers The Following

24/7 Sign & Go Service (POV) & Reimbursement up to $100 for:

  • Battery boost or jump
  • Gas delivery up to two gallons
  • Flat tire service and repair
  • Break down
  • Lock Out Service
  • Wrecker Towing

There Are 3 Major Differences between MCA and other Motor Clubs:

  • 100 miles to the destination of your choice. (Most other similar services only tow you to the nearest garage or 50 miles maximum)
  • Unlimited Usage: “Use the service as much as you need to but don’t abuse the program” is the motto that MCA likes to go by..
  • Reimbursements: $100 reimbursement – Some people like to choose to use a garage of their choice. In this case you will have to pay the difference if the cost are over $100.

This service also covers RV’s, the larger Dually Trucks as long as they are under 1 ton, boat trailers and motor cycles. The service also covers “Live Stock Trailers” up to $100 per service.

The MCA Total Security Plan at $19.95 is the main plain ordered.
Compare all the plans.

Getting All The Extras With Motor Club Of America

Upgrade to the $29.99 Total Security GOLD

Get some added features plus these other benefits
Discounted Legal Services below:
1. Name Change
2. Will/Trust
3. Waiver Divorce
4. Incorporation’s 

Upgrade to the $39.99 Total Security PLATINUM Plan

Get the very best coverage on the market.

1. $75 an hour provider attorney on personal matters
2. Auto related discounts with more than 50 National Chains
3. Health Services 24/7 Doctor hot line

4. A List Of Medical Type Benefits are listed below.
— Discounts through Physicians Network:
— Surgical Specialist Network
Health Care Assurance
— Lab testing service and Imaging and MRI discounts
— Hearing Care discounts
Healthy Living discounts (diabetic supplies, vitamins, etc) 

                                                   Them                            Us – MCA
Motor Club Of America - Us vs Them

Motor Club Of America – Us vs Them

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